Bringing Bouvier des Flandres owners together for the love and enjoyment of this great breed.


      There are definite benefits to being a Member!  Enjoy the quarterly Newsletter as part of your Membership fee.   Get advance notice of all B.O.N.E. activities, and enjoy significant discounts on all participation fees for clinics, etc.  And make friends and enjoy the camaraderie of other Bouvier lovers at the varied events the club holds.

     Currently B.O.N.E. annual memberships are $30 for a Family membership and $25 for an Individual membership.  Members automatically receive a copy of the quarterly newsletter and are entitled to reduced fees for all events. 
Non-member subscriptions to the newsletter are available for $20 a year.

      A membership application can be requested from the Secretary (see BOARD link) or can be accessed here.  General information is available from any Board Member.

Membership Application

For general information, or if you have questions or comments about this website please contact us at

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